What are the Main Reasons for Selecting Custom Soap Boxes?

Soap boxes wholesale is the best option for packing your homemade organic soaps. Nowadays, these boxes are in trend due to the following causes:

  1. Soaps are susceptible and delicate items. They are prone to breakage and damage. Customized boxes provide safety against harsh temperatures and sunburn.
  2. Custom printed soap boxes can set apart your company’s products. You can mark the name of your brand in the market.
  3. You can customize the package following your taste and the product’s requirements.

Obtain Soap Boxes in Various Shapes and Sizes:

Soaps have different sizes and shapes. A customized shape will stand out your brand’s items in the crowd. Generally, soaps come in rectangular and oval shapes. Besides this, you can transform them into heart, oval, and leaf shapes. We will customize your box in any dimension that you demand.

Soap Packaging in a Large Number of Box Styles:

Custom white soap boxes in attractive and exclusive designs are the best promotional tool. However, there are multiple box packaging styles, such as:

  1. Two-piece box
  2. Tray and sleeve packaging
  3. Soapbox with die-cuts
  4. Sealed box
  5. Tuck front box
  6. Reverse / Straight tuck end
  7. Pillow soap boxes

You can give a customized touch to these box designs with the addition of finishings, prints, laminations, etc.

Give Natural Look to Soap Box with Kraft Paper:

Today, people are conscious regarding skin. You must pack skin care products, especially soaps, in premium quality material. Unbleached kraft brown paper is an optimal choice for packaging homemade soap boxes. It is lightweight and gives a natural look. Kraft paper is 100% environment friendly and does not have any toxin effect on the soap. It can be an excellent option to create a good impression on the audience. Besides this, you can print this paper with limited color prints. It protects the packed items entirely.

Get Uniquely Custom Designed Soap Box Packaging:

A custom-printed soap box can capture the attention of buyers in seconds. We make use of top-quality printing machines, materials, and color schemes. Our printing methods contain digital, offset, and screen printing. You can write down the product’s description, expiry date, price, and side effects for skin with catchy font styles. You can use full-color printing on the cardboard paper and laminate it with gloss to give a shiny texture to the packaging.

Create an Awe-Inspiring Box with Logo Designs and Brand Details:

Undoubtedly, every company owns a trademark. You can customize your soap box packaging with logo designs and the company’s tag lines to create a distinct identity for your brand. You can emboss the logo image to pre-eminent it from other box designs. This way, customers can know more about your company, and details are imprinted in their minds.

Create Delightful Packaging with Incredible Finishings and Add-Ons:

You must be careful while selecting the finishing options. Their use gives an ending and lasting touch to the soap box packaging. Our additional features include the following:

• Lamination:

Laminations deepen and enhance the ink colors. Their application on the surface of the packaging provides safety against smudges, stains, scuffs, dirt, moisture, contamination, etc. Cardboard is suitable for it. Following your artwork and print design, you can choose between matt and gloss lamination. 

• Coatings:

In coatings, we have an aqueous coating and spot UV. Aqueous is water-based and recyclable as well. Spot UV functions as a highlighter. It can outstand the logo and tag lines. Additionally, the varnish is the best choice to protect the prints from fingerprints, marks, etc. 

• Embossing/Debossing:

Embossing and debossing finishings are the best options to captivate the customers towards your soapbox. They give three-dimensional effects.

• Foil Stamping:

Foil stamping will give an enriching look to your box packaging. It applies to cardboard and kraft as well. It will make your box packaging elegant and sophisticated. 

• Die-Cut Windows:

Die-cut windows in the box enhance the worth of the products. Onlookers can take a sneak peek at the packed items transparent PVC sheet guards against soil, dirt, etc.

Why Must You Choose Us?

Our key features include:

  • Free shipment of orders all over the world
  • Free of cost plates and die-cuts
  • 2D and 3D design samples without any cost
  • Free design support from professional experts
  • Standard turnaround time is 14 to 17 business days
  • Rush turnaround of 9 to 12 business days